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Dentist and Inventor, Dr. Sigal Jacobson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer with over 25 years of experience in aesthetic dentistry and named one of Top 25 Women in Dentistry (by Dental Products Report Magazine 2017, USA).

She is among the very few clinicians in Australia that has been awarded a fellowship in the prestigious American Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics, for her contributions to the field of dentistry.

Dr. Jacobson is the inventor of the patented UVENEER™, a unique template System for creating direct composite veneers and mock-ups.

She has contributed clinical case studies and lectures internationally on Biomimeticaesthetic techniques and using the Uveneer System. In her lectures, she provides insightful tips and practical learning for general dentists. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics, a member of the Australian AADFA, and a key speaker for Ultradent magazines.

She currently owns and practices in her state-of-the-art-clinic Jacobson Dental Group in East Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia.
With her passion for aesthetic and holistic dentistry, she strongly believes that dentists need to protect the vitality of a tooth and respect the natural tooth structure.

The Proud Inventor

Dr. Sigal Jacobson is the inventor of 3 dental kits used and loved by the dentists worldwide.

Dr. Sigal Jacobson owns and practices in her state-of-the-art-clinic Jacobson Dental Group in East Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia.
She is the top Cosmetic Dentist in the area and has been creating beautiful smiles using the most advanced technology.
Dr Jacobson believes in creating the most natural smile possible, and therefore she uses materials that are very similar in properties to the natural tooth, creating beautiful and natural smiles.

She is passionate about Biomimetic dentistry and uses bioactive material and techniques that protect the tooth, reduce the need for unnecessary root canal treatments, and maximizing teeth durability.

She believes that an ethical dentist needs to expand their knowledge, work with their heart, and use the best technologies that exist to help with diagnosis and to preserve a healthy smile.

“The Uveneer system has changed the way I work with composites in the aesthetic zone. Since attending two of Dr. Sigal’s amazing lectures and workshops, I have done hundreds of great cases with the Uveneer kit using her useful tips on composites and bonding. She is an inspiration to all women dentists and my personal mentor. I highly recommend to attend her lectures.”  

Dr. Rita Trakhtman, Australia

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