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Porcelain veneer

Dr. Sigal Jacobson is at the top of her game when it comes to porcelain veneers. She delivers new age, pain-free techniques at her Bentleigh East Clinic and has thousands of smiling high-profile customers singing her praise! She is passionate about helping everyday people achieve their dream smile and to boost their self-confidence. 

Composite veneers

As an advocate for holistic dentistry, Dr. Sigal Jacobson is committed to using safe, non-toxic materials to restore and protect the natural tooth structure where possible. Composite veneers are an integral part of contemporary restorative dental practice and serve as a porcelain veneer alternative to restore your smile. Dr. Sigal Jacobson and her team repair the natural tooth instead of a cover over your existing tooth or attachment to your implant. Each layer is reshaped until the desired result is achieved.



Dr. Sigal Jacobson is an innovator, constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver improved, out of the box procedures in cosmetic dentistry. In 2014, she invented the Uveneer system used by tens of thousands of dental clinics around the world today!

Uveneer is a template kit that assists dentists to create a simpler and faster process when working with composite veneers to achieve amazing results! What’s more, Dr. Sigal Jacobson is so confident in her product it comes with a warranty for peace of mind.

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